Top 25 Proptech REITs: Pioneering Real Estate's Digital Transformation

Discover the transformative role of Proptech in REITs. Explore our top 25 list for insights into real estate's digital era. Learn more!

Revolutionizing Real Estate

With real estate pricing declining significantly over the past 22 months, REITS have faced numerous challenges and shifting expectations.  By embracing proptech innovations, REITs can rebuild on a stronger foundation and potentially revolutionize the industry through the emerging trend of tokenization.

As a leader in real estate tokenization at, I've observed how these technologies are fundamentally altering the way we interact with real estate. Digital  transformation is vividly illustrated in our "Top 25 Proptech Integrated REITs" list, highlighting the US Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) at the forefront of technology-enabled change. 

The Vanguard of Proptech and Tokenization

These 25 REITs are more than just participants in the proptech revolution; they are its architects. They're generating buzz for their proptech investments and pioneering technology use in real estate. 2024 may very well be a compelling entry point for investors in REITS adopting digital technologies and blockchain, redefining property investment for accessibility, efficiency, and transparency.

Smartblocks' Comprehensive Methodology

Our approach at Smartblocks is deeply analytical and data-driven. We evaluated the top 200 publicly traded REITs in the US based on their market capitalization as of July 1, 2023. Our focus was on their active involvement in proptech and their strides in real estate tokenization. We then assessed their 'buzzworthiness' using CISION’s public relations and earned media database , tracking mentions in proptech and tokenization-related articles, press releases, and blog posts from January 1, 2020, to October 31, 2023. This list is a testament to those who are not only adopting technological advancements but are actively shaping the future of real estate.

Dallas B. Tanner and Invitation Homes: A Case Study in Innovation

At the top of our list, with over 1600 mentions is Invitation Homes, a leader in the single-family rental sector in the US. CEO Dallas B. Tanner’s story is emblematic of the modern real estate narrative – one where proptech is shaping its future success.  Invitation Homes stands out for its integration of Smart Home technology and its forward-thinking approach to property management. They exemplify how digital technologies can enhance the rental experience, offering greater flexibility and efficiency in property transactions.

Prologis and Proptech Investments

Prologis ranks second on the list with 1,428 press mentions.  Its VC arm, Prologis Ventures, continues to make headlines with its more than $180 million investments in dozens of early- and growth-stage companies in supply chain transformation; digital buildings and infrastructure; and real estate and construction.

Several others backed proptech funds Fifth Wall and RET Ventures, and some REITS invested directly in startups such as  Active Design Advisors (Adai), Aerwave, Funnel Leasing, Purlin Co., and SMS Assist.  

Still others made waves as early proptech customers, which at the end of the day is where the rubber meets the road.

Et tu Blackstone?

While privately held REITs like Blackstone have certainly earned a prominent seat at the proptech table, we focused initial research on fractionalized real estate investment opportunities now available to all investors looking to diversify assets.

Privately-held REITs could potentially benefit as significantly, if not more, from the burgeoning blockchain and tokenization trends than their public counterparts.


In an era where technology is rapidly transforming our living and working spaces, these REITs are not just keeping pace; they are at the helm. They demonstrate how the future of real estate is not just about physical properties but about the innovative experiences and efficiencies brought about by proptech and tokenization. As we at continue to break new ground in real estate digitalization, these REITs serve as beacons, guiding the industry towards a more integrated, technologically advanced future.

In conclusion, this list is more than a ranking; it's a blueprint for the future of real estate. It's a clarion call for the industry to embrace the digital revolution through proptech and tokenization. As we progress, these pioneers are crucial to watch – they are not just changing the game; they are redefining it with their visionary approach to real estate technology.

FAQ Section

What is Proptech?

Proptech, short for Property Technology, refers to the application of technology in the real estate sector. It encompasses a wide range of digital solutions designed to optimize the way we buy, sell, manage, and interact with real estate. Proptech innovations include everything from online property listings and virtual tours to advanced data analytics, smart home technologies, and blockchain applications in real estate transactions. The goal of proptech is to streamline processes, enhance user experiences, and improve the efficiency of real estate operations.

Who is Smartblocks.Agency?

Smartblocks.Agency is a forward-thinking company specializing in the tokenization of real estate, equity, and debt. We leverage blockchain technology to convert real estate assets into digital tokens, thereby simplifying the investment process and making it more accessible. Our platform is designed to democratize real estate investment, offering a more flexible and efficient way for individuals and institutions to invest in and manage real estate assets. At Smartblocks.Agency, we are committed to driving innovation in the real estate sector through the integration of cutting-edge technologies.

How does Proptech relate to Tokenization?

The relationship between Proptech and Tokenization is a pivotal one. Tokenization, a process where real estate assets are converted into digital tokens on a blockchain, is a significant aspect of proptech. This innovative approach allows for fractional ownership, increased liquidity, and a more inclusive investment landscape in the real estate market. Proptech's role in tokenization lies in its ability to provide the necessary technological framework and tools to facilitate these transactions securely and efficiently. By integrating blockchain technology, proptech is not only transforming traditional real estate practices but also paving the way for a more interconnected and digital-first future in the industry.

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